Rutts Pressure Washing
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Rutts Pressure Washing

Bendigo Pressure Cleaning 

Home And Commercial High Pressure Water Cleaning Services

Welcome to Bendigo Pressure Cleaning your local experienced high pressure water cleaning services.

We provide exterior hard and soft surface pressure cleaning services including internal shed and factory warehouse floor, wall and roof cleaning, solar panels, windows, plant equipment cleaning and truck washing.

Residential Pressure Cleaning

Driveway cleaning, pathways, concrete, pavers, bricks, roof cleaning, house washing, gutter cleaning, eaves and fascia washing, garden retaining wall cleaning, patio and awning washing.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning Bendigo

Shopping centre cleaning, factory and warehouse floor cleaning, school exterior cleaning, strata body corporate cleaning, car park cleaning, graffiti removal and chewing gum cleaning, plant equipment cleaning and truck washing.

Brick Cleaning

New construction brick cleaning, acid washing, acid etching and final site pressure cleaning.

Brick Cleaning

New Construction Brick Cleaning Services in Bendigo Looking for a brick cleaner in Bendigo region we clean new bricks after being laid using acid, not all bricks are made the same so brick cleaning new bricks varies on each job, even the cement m...

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete cleaning services in Bendigo. We clean all types of concrete surfaces from home driveway cleaning to factory floor cleaning, council footpath cleaning, school hard surfaces, strata concrete cleaning, farm and shed floor cleaning. the vari...

Driveway Cleaning

DRIVEWAY CLEANING AND SEALING SERVICES BENDIGO VIC Our home and commercial driveway cleaning services across Bendigo will enhance the appearance of your property from street view. If your looking to sell your property, your driveway is one of the ...

Gutter Cleaning & Guards

Gutter Cleaning Services Bendigo. We can clean gutters from the ground up to 3 storeys or if not we can get access on the roof it is an essential part of the upkeep for your home or business, the removal of dirt and debris from your gutters and v...

House Washing

Our exterior house pressure washing services in Bendigo can be one of the cheapest forms of home improvement services available, as we clean everything from the front kerb to the rear fence and everything in between, this includes cleaning your ro...

Tennis Court Cleaning

We love cleaning tennis courts in Bendigo bringing them back to life and ready for action again, if your hard court tennis court has signs of mould we will remove without any damage to playing surfaces as high pressure water alone will not clean a...

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